Members of the Guild

Fellows of the Guild:

  • Master David Twynham: Italian Rapier, 17th Century German Rapier, Pedagogy, Tempo. Related Work
  • Master Wistric Oftun: Italian Rapier, German Peasant Weapons, Bolognese Sidesword and Montante, I.33. Related Work
  • Captain Dante Alatrista: MS.I.33 Sword and Buckler, 14th c. Italian combat via Fiore dei Liberi, 16th-17th c. Italian rapier via Capo Ferro and Gigante, 17th c. Pike and Shot.
  • Captain Davio De Le Rouge: Period various, Studies Capo Ferro, Gigante, Destreza, Fabris, Silver, Santelli and Razmafza
  • Lady Eyba Larsdottir: Italian rapier fencing, fencing time

Members of the Guild:

  • Captain Jack Marvell: Italian Rapier, geometry of fencing, Saviolo
  • Master Mikolaj Pilypaitis: English as expounded by George Silver, German as expounded by Talhoffer, Liechtenauer and Polish saber
  • William Lewis: 16th & 17th Century Italian Rapier via Capo Ferro, Gigante, and Fabris; English Longbow and Swiss Pike during the 16th and 17th Century, English Long Sword and Bastard Sword
  • Captain Marquette Hildebrand van Amsterdam: Niten Ichi Ryu Kenjutsu, Eishen Ryu Iaijutsu, Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu, Aiki Bujutsu, To-Te Ryukyu Kempo, Okinawan Kobudo, Tuite and Kyusho Jutsu, Historical Kata and Weapons Forms, Overcoming the Rapier with Japanese and Ryukyu Weaponry.
  • Lord Stefano Roggio: Italian Rapier; Tactics; social/political effects of the practice of arms in period
  • Lord Gerrik Blackstone: Saviolo & Agrippa, period unarmed combat, period dueling customs
  • Don Lazarus Gauge: silver, destreza, capo Ferro, English and French dueling customs, historical naval combat specifically during the time of the Spanish armada, boarding cutlass, great sword, cut and thrust, modern day advancement of Medieval tactics and weapons.
  • Marshall Strong: anything Fiore, medieval longsword generally, 14th-15th century Italian contextual topics.
  • Lord Pietro di Vatavia: Tallhofer, Longsword, period wrestling, evolution of arms, armor.
  • Aleksei Ivanovitch: Early/Mid 16th Century Italian Fencing (Agrippa and Marozzo primarily) including rapier, sidesword, montante, and partizan; Mid 15th Century KdF (Pseudo Peter von Danzig, Codex Wallerstein, Leckuchner) focusing on longsword and messer; Ott the Jew’s Ringen.
  • Joshua Albertin: Historical Scottish Fencing, 16th-17th century Scottish Fencing Masters. historic Irish/Scottish Armor & Arms, Gaelic Warfare, Gaelic History 600 A.D. to present, 16th-17th century Italian & Spanish Rapier Masters & Techniques .